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Intel and Updates archives

If you got any intel that you want to get out, e-mail it to fightnbastards@hotmail.comOr enter it to your right.



For all of you wondering what the new releases from TM look like here are some links for you. The ENBB looks really interesting.

Glock Boys 18c

M4 S-System



TM has annouced some new products that I'm sure will get peoples attention. In the works are the M4 S-system, Type 89, some new electric handguns that are said to have a rate of fire equal to or better than AEG's, and some new GBB's. No release dates have been set. Looking at mid '05. For more info on these new guns 



Some new pictures of FOH provided by Gorilla Pack



Just a few more tid bits of info for FOH.

20 acres

3 fields



There is a new field opening in Sylmar on the 9th of Oct. It is the old Fields of Honor paintball field. Here is the intel,


15075 Bailey Road Sylmar CA, 91342.
210 freeway exit Paxton left on Lopez Canyon Road right on Bailey Road.


Date: Saturday, Oct. 9th grand opening 
Time: Open 10am - 4pm
Price: $15 for all day
Full-seal goggles are OK (NO SHOOTING GLASSES!!)
375fps .20g +/- 5fps

Chrono will be used 
Scenario game w/props 


This is great for those of us who live near Sylmar, or in it like I do. Neeedless to say, I'm very excited about this new field. After losing the original Fury and Morepark I was at a lost for a field close by as were others, and since we play on Saturdays the other fields were not an option. (barring the exception of the new Fury that I've not yet been to) So far there is only one picture of the new field and it is of a sandbag bunker on top of a cement block. Hopefully this field will be a good alternative place to play. So I give my best regards and wishes to the owners of the field and I will be there if the money gods permit. To get more info visit the Socal forums



It seems that the Rouhgnecks had a little problem today. They had an invite only game that got squashed by the Police. The dreaded "T" word reared its ugly head, tresspassing. Props are to be given to Nomad. He put his name on the line for all that attended this game.  

 Nomad said in his post "I just couldn't stand that so I begged and pleaded and we did get a good deal, one busted instead of 23." 

 He has yet to learn the price he has to pay. As his appearance date is not until 12/08/04. We'll all keep an eye on this for updates. As I'm sure we all hope for the best.



Fresh from Arnies, ICS annouces its AK74M. Looks good but only time will tell. They might have it right this time. After all the new ICS M4 has been given a thumbs up by ARTsenal, and he is one to be listened to when it comes to airsoft. But having owned an ICS MP5, I'll wait. For more info goto



Fightnbastards site is now listed on



OP: Serpent Hammer has come and gone. I've heard different views on the game. Some said that they had a really good time and others said it was poorly done. One of the Bastards was in attendance, Scott Zacahrias. He was one of the rebel Russians.


There was a common theme though. Both sides complained that there was rampant cheating from both forces. And a large amount of "lazy" players on both sides who just sat around and did nothing. Although with any large OP, this one had 300+ attendees, you will have this. But that is their wasted money. I know had I been able to go that I would've "done humped" all over the AO.


But that aside, this OP was about the children of Scott Helvelston. To help raise money for them and their future.


The OP did make it into the news; maybe this will help put airsoft into a positive light in California.


Follow this link provide by the Roughnecks to view the news cast.

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Read all about it.