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Foxtrot Bravo The Fighting Bastards

Just who are those Bastards anyways?

U.S. themed Vietnam Airsoft team.

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The Bastards are a team of like minded players, who thought that there was enough Cookie Cutter Ranger/Specops/Delta teams out there. And decided to do something new. The concept of the Bastards was started about four years ago (00') by Mr. F, DT, Linc, and Smokey. While at the time not being a team in any sense of the word, they were in fact one of the first groups to adopt the U.S. Vietnam theme. We field many different impressions. Standard grunt, LRRP, Macv, Advisor, ARVN, and many others. 


The team as it is now was started back before Moorpark was lost to the fires. And since then has grown a bit. With each member striving to obtain period correct gear and guns. And on a regular basis attending games in full Nam' loadout. But we do have our share of modern gear. As most of the OP's we are involved in are based on current conflicts. But most Nam' gear fits in with modern senarios. You cant miss us on the field, we do stand out. And when we do go modern most people dont recognize us. So if you see us feel free to come up and ask question. We are always open to help educate others on the era and such.


The Bastards don't recruit members, but if you are interested in joining our ranks let us know.