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Oh crap, airsoft is threatend once more. There is some legall action being taken that may threaten us and airsoft. Read the postings at 


This is what I posted:

(quoted from a post)

When next we meet (this weekend), we should talk about this further. We need to find out how to make the initial contact with the NRA and I'm guessing Mason might be crucial in making that happen. The NRA loves cops.[/quote]

Correct me if I'm wrong but, aren't you all going to the gun show this weekend. The NRA is always there. You want to make initial contact that is a good place to do it. They are always at the front gate. I'm sure they will be willing to give you some numbers or talk to you in depth about this.

As for the idea of having a permit to use, buy, or own airsoft, then you would get in to the realm of real steel. Waiting periods, back ground checks etc. I dont oppose any of this. But as with real steel you have to pay for filing the papers and all that. Making a $300 weapon have an even higer initial cost. Minors should not be able to purchase airsoft. They cant go to Wal-Mart and buy a Daisy Red Ryder. That is how it should be with airsoft. No exceptions. Most shops and shop owners do not sell to minors, but we all know that some do. Like anything else a kid wants but cant have, if there's a will there's a way and they will have it. I believe sec8boss said that most of the problems are with minors and he is correct. The problem starts at home though. The parents need to know what their children are doing. How could an elected official let his son go into a McDonalds with a gun, toy or other. This is why California is so screwed up! Our own goverment cant even watch their offspring. How can they watch over us? I have no problem with minors on the field, there are adults who act more imature than some of these minors. And a few that probably shouldn't have guns either. The problem is that we have "kids" running around with airsoft who think that it's cool to walk down the street with one tucked in their waistband. Or to bring it to school to impress their friends or that cute girl three seats behind them. Would a parent let their child shot a real gun in the backyard? So why would they let them play airsoft in the backyard? We all know that our sport is controversal just because of the guns. People have to be sensitive to this. I dont even let my neighbors see me but my gear in my truck. Let alone brandish it in public. If we, as a group work to promote proper and responsible handling, transporting and JUDGEMENT (key word, mister elected official who lets his kid order a HappyMeal with a gun). That along with the help of the NRA, police, the right elected goverment official(s), and most importantly US, we can ssve are sport from it's demise. Remember it is us who put these people into office most of the time. Know who you vote for and where they stand on your concerns. Long live Airsoft!



OP: Serpent Hammer is approching. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. Although TheJoo will be there. As we all know this is a game to honor the memory of Scott Helvenston, who was kia in Iraq. All procceds from this game are to go to his children, Kyle and Kelsey. You can get more info at



Point of interest or shock. Talked to a Customs agent who plays (kinda like sleeping with the enemy). And I asked him some questions about shipments coming in to the US. He said that they really dont find that many Airsoft shipments. But the one that they did find was a full container of TM's. When the contacted who they were shipping to and told them that if they want the shipment, that they would have to pay for storage and a percentage of something and I believe the value of the guns also, it came to almost $1,000,000! They of course said we cant pay that, and so all of the guns were destroyed! Save a few that were kept for displays in the Customs office. Where is the justice!?!? There are staving kids in the Hollywood Hills for Christ sake!



With the fires that just ravaged Simi Valley and the Lytle Creek area, it was a good chance that we might lose a field or two. Well, sadly we did. Moorpark has burned to the ground. From the pictures that I've seen it looks as though most of the field is gone. And will probably take a few years to re-grow. If you go to the forums on the SoCal site ( ) you can get some more info about the field and see some pictures of it as well. Also we may have lost Crimson ridge. Being that it was just on the other side of Lytle Creek and right next to the 15 and 215 junctions it is likely that the field is gone. Although it is not confirmed yet.