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Foxtrot Bravo The Fighting Bastards

The Armory

Gear, guns, and more.

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Welcome to The Armory. Here you will find pictures of the gear and guns we use. As well as projects and project guns. And the occasional article.

No impression can be complete without grenades. I recently aquired a lot of 12 M26a1's and a M18 yellow smoke. Next on the list M33's (Vietnam baseball grenades), M34 WP or commonly referred to as "Willie Petes", and an M14 incendiary grenade. MF has also aquired a lot of 12 each M26a1's, M67 (Modern baseball grenades), MK2a1's (Pineapples), and 12 various smokes. DT has also purchased for himself a M18 violet smoke. For now here is a sample picture, more to come soon. 

M26a1 grenades

Helmets were a big part of a soldiers identity in Vietnam. The pictures that follow are of some of our helmets, and respectively show our individual identities and personalities as well. Click on the pictures for a larger view. 



Some custom jobs done for our guys. The first is actually a prop gun, but is made from airsoft and can be made to work. This gun has a real steal front sight and wire stock. The foregrip is from a m16/203 heatshield, and is fitted with a folding verticalgrip. Carry handle was shaved down on the top and the rear sight was seated lower to index with front sight which is on the short side. Rob's Galil is a marriage of an old gas gun and a Beta. The foregrip, barrel, gas tube, front sight, rear sight, and charging handle were all machined to work with his gun. These sights are kickass. At this time I have no info on Kevin's AkFU, except that it started as a Ak47s. The FU stands for well, F*** You. But appears that our tech has done some of the same to his as he did to Rob's.


Rob's Galil

Kevin's akFU

Most people get into airsoft and have a few guns. Some people get into airsoft and cant stop getting more. The pictures that follow are of Mr. Freds and Smokeys collection, with 80% belonging to Smokey. Since these pictures were taken Smokey has added several more guns to his collection. Words alone can not describe it, so have a look. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.