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Foxtrot Bravo The Fighting Bastards

Where are those Bastards!?!

Have you seen those F%&# 'n Bastards!?

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So, you may find yourself asking "Where are those Bastards?", if your looking to skirmish with us. We're easy to find. First place to look is Replisoft. We used to keep this a secret, the store that is, because after all it is a business and we don't want a bunch of people just hanging out. But things have changed, and the shop has got quite a reputation now. Due in large part to the shop's owner. Who shall still remain un-named. (But we all know his name anyways)


  We used to play at Fields of Fury, until an unfortunate turn of events closed the field down. Who says Bushido is a dead art? Then we moved to Moorpark in Ventura County. This is a great field to play at. It offers a Varity of play with two fields. They call one the beach. It has bamboo, thick foliage and a river. Sand is a bitch to run in. Then there is the top field which is much bigger. Here once again you have thick foliage. But the top field is very different from the beach. It is more of a forest setting, while the beach is more of a Nam setting. There is a third field, but it is used by Paintballers. We usually don't play on that one and they usually stay off of ours.


Currently we've been playing at Woodcrest, which is the usual field now. This field is good. It has a huge ravine that goes into a wooded area. A stream and some hill sides. There are roughly 4 fields to game on. Usually they are combined for a better game. Two of these fields are used by Paintballers, the ravine and the area above the ravine. We use all of them. The ravine is just that a ravine with a bunch of junk in it for cover. The area above it has some tress and bushes. With junk, again, for cover. The cool thing about this is that there are some trench like areas in it. These two fields are usually used for speed ball type games. Now the two fields to the right of the ravine are great for skirmishes. They are heavily wooded areas with lots of cover. There is a small stream that runs though it and some small hills. Two small structures, one of which I'm sure is used by bums at night. The back of the field is rarely used but, as recently noticed has some great potential.


 We've also played at LZ echo. Which is not a friendly field at all. During the summer it is hotter than Africa in the midst of a drought. To get to the playing area you have to walk down a hillside. So that means to get back up you have to walk up a hillside. It would be a great place in the winter. It has a stream  and numerous hills to play on. A large gully runs though the middle of it.


 Then there is Crimson Ridge. This is a kick ass field. It traverses from woods to rolling hills, and is big. All's I can say, cant wait to play there again.


Oh, and I cant forget to mention the Pickle Factory. For those that went they know, for those who didn't go, they will never know. Counter Strike. If you like the game you'd have loved this place. An actual working Pickle Factory. With 3 buildings to use, stacks of barrels and grates in the yard. Vats to run between. Vehicles (not for driving they were parked) and pyrotec's, smoke and noise makes. We played a night game here and it was great! Sadly though it will be the only game played there. As we were informed by the owners (who play also) that it was too big of a mess after the game and we could not do it again. See what happens when you dont go to a game that every one ask you to go to. You miss out on one of the best fields ever.  


But by far the best place we've played, Anza. A friend of ours has 75 acres of land out there. When we go it is a weekend event. This is by invite only. But the field has so many great areas to play. The Orchard, a large wooded area whose trees are about 8 feet tall and very dense in brush and cover. The games in here are long and when shooting starts its up close and personal. Then across the the yellow brick road (so named because of the yellow flowers that grow in it) is a huge field with shrubs and hills. And The Rocks, in this field there is a huge rock, three stories high, great spotter site. With a wooded hillside and a shrub covered slope. The picture doesn't do this place justice. This is one hellofa place to play.


We've played on many different fields it's getting to the point where they are to numerous to list. All have their pros and cons.


Fields of Fury


Fields of Dreams.
What would be your ideal field to play on. Send an e-mail to describing it. Or enter it below. 

Jay, of the Warehouse Warriors, has sent in his idea of the ideal field:


This might not be so possible cause it involves more than 2 story buildings, and a huge field. Anyway, an all urban battle with huge buildings for anyone to hide in (not super huge to the point of getting lost.) Just a pretty big city with trees, shrubs, and a bunch of bunkers on the outside of the city. The name of the game can be anything from "Rescue the pilot," to "Eradicate the city folk." The roads in the city would be lined with broken stuff for cover, like cars, and piles of dirt. That would be an ultimate field.

Im comin home for guns n' ammo...


Sounds like "Super 8" to me. Unfortunately the field is off limits for the time being. To use a phrase from Mr. Fred, "Damn-it"!


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Bush whacking, I thought you meant "Bush whacking"!