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Foxtrot Bravo The Fighting Bastards

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Battlecreek, Op: Ghost Harbor. Best game in awhile. For those that didn't make it you lost out. Perfect conditions. Roughly 50 players in attendance. For the Bastards it was The Joo and The Wop. Object of the game was combat patrol to secure numerous regen locations, and to transport a weapons cache to a safe zone.


The action was good, lots of 6 mike mike were slung around. With a lot of the OPFOR being dug in and hard to root out. The Joo and The Wop were up to their old tricks again, surprising many defenders who did not expect to be attacked in the fashion that they were.  As they were able to clear out a large section of well hidden "Baddies". That sniper and his spotter should have waited, once they fired on them their time was up. With a quick diversionary movement and a rush straight at them, they had no chance and were quickly eliminated.


There were many areas of contention on the field that day, at least three hotspots with large firefights going on. All forces were moving in conjunction with each other and providing mutual support with high volumes of fire and grenades being used more often.  Its hard to write of all the details of a damn good game day. It was exactly what airsoft is supposed to be, fun and tactical.   



Killbox, well not really. The game was suppose to take place at Killbox but was in accessible to us so it was moved to Woodcrest. After driving almost 100 miles to get there, and then having to drive another 60 to get to Woodcrest, I was thinking that this game better be good. And it was. All of the Bastards were in attendance, also along for the trip was Bo and Kurt. Thanks Bo for taking most of the pictures.


We arrived on at the LZ about 11:30 hours. Got geared up and unveiled the Bastard team patch. After a quick sew job to get one of the members patch on we headed to the briefing. It was a large turnout and teams were divided along camo lines. Dial-Tone was appointed leader for the Woodlands, which was the side we were on. The scenario was sort of like capture the flag. Each team had two regen points and there was a neutral one as well. When a regen point was captured you put up your teams flag. The neutral regen was to be captured by either side to gain control of it and use it. I do not know what happened with the other Bastards as The Joo and myself stayed behind and guarded the regen points. As far as I know the rest moved up and engaged the OPFOR. After a while The Joo and I decided to get in to it. So we moved towards the fighting. The first fire fight we came upon we flanked them and took them out from behind. They didn't even know we were there, perfect. So once again we moved towards the sound of gun fire. By then Kurt and his 60 had hooked up with us. We started moving up the road on both sides. I signaled to The Joo and Kurt that we had a visual on both sides of the road ahead of us. A few seconds later they received fire. After they returned fire they moved to flank the OPFOR through the dead groves. From this point until they regrouped with me I dont know what happened. All I heard was shooting. So I decided to move up. I got small and quite. I spotted some movement on the road and some movement about 30' infront of me. I thought I was in for a nasty exchange of 6mm's but they didn't see me. Finally I was able to move up and with in about 10 mins was able to take out a few of the defenders on the road. Then The Joo came back minus Kurt. We moved up and eliminated the rest of the defenders. After that The Joo was taken out and I hooked up with Kurt again. This time we tracked the OPFOR to one of its regen points and waited them out. When they left we quietly came in the door and gained control of the area. Then the game ended. It was a 2 hour game. Very good game I might add. We all got a good amount of kills in. And my legs felt like rubber bands when we were done. After that there were just some small quick games, mostly people just messing around. 


The one thing that I thought was cool was how Kurt, Smokey, and Mr. Fred all used their 60's. Three 60's together is a force to be reckoned with. I guess I'll have to get one too, anyone else? 



Woodcrest. Mr. Fred and The Wop. Todays game was just a normal one for us. Nothing noteable to report. Although the weather is much better for gaming now.



Factory. Action was the same as last time. Memorable happenings, Rob getting hit by  three ricochets from Kev as he was standing next to him and the bb's got

Rob behind the ear. Thought he got it in the eye. Kurt taking friendly fire from Norm (Norm seems to do this alot!). Kevin and his taunting and the subgun he was using, 1200rof. Big Vic using his NBB Socom, aka "The puff gun", super quite. Thewop's pistol kill on top of the storage container from 5' feet. Norms cracked red dot lens. Rob getting lit up at point blank range, not to cool. The use of smoke screens and exploding grenades.


 "Didn't ya get the memo?"..."No I didn't." Khost. What a great day for gaming. As the weather changes the games will become better. No more people quitin' do to the heat. And Khost is murder in the summer. DT, Mr.F, and WhiskeyOctober made the trek today. Got there at 11:00 just as the first game started. Didn't get no action in that game because we didn't get into it. But it ended fast so we didn't miss much. The next game was a battle for the junkyard. (Why does every field have a junkyard?) Split the teams along camo lines, desert, woodland. We were on desert. Woodland set up in the junkyard, and we set up in the orchard. From there we split our forces. One would do a frontal assault while the other would swing south and come at 'em from the side. So game on, we moved in as planned and basically overran them before the rest of our forces got there. They really just did some mopping up. We really played aggressively in that game. Moving fast and slinging alot of 6-mikemike death at them. After clearing the junkyard the fight moved into the orchards. We had received some light harasing fire from there and it was soon squashed. The southern force moved through and cleared out any stragglers. Then they finished up by taking out the remaining woodlands on the hill.


 The next game was fun. Sides once again split along camo lines. Desert had to patrol around the hill and make it back to the starting point in 45mins. While woodland had to try to stop us. So woodland set out to take up their positions. Damn, the whole way they harashed us. So we started up the road, we could see them on the rocks ahead of us but they were out of range and so were we. I was watching our rear as we moved up the road. Scanning the area I noticed something white. Took a quick second look and realized that it was a woodland. Five feet away from us. The rest of the patrol missed him! He was just waiting there to shoot us all in the back. But I surrendered him instead. Then some one tossed a grenade and took out most of desert. Those that remained moved up to clear the area where the grenade came from. We got him and another that was on the right and one further up the hillside. Then when we thought all was clear one pops out from behind us and takes more out. After we finished there we moved up the road and around the hill. Took out some more woodlands and proceeded on. They were just coming out from everywhere. All the way down the hill. In the end one was left and we let our guard down and he got most of us, but was takin out and that was the game. A few more games where played but I wasn't there. Mr. F and DT can fill ya in on the details of that action.



"The best stories to tell are those of some other unfortunate fool". The Pipe Factory. The Bastards were invited to go do some CQB. And since we did not get to the opening of the new Sylmar field we had an itch that needed some scracthin. So Mr. Fred, Aria, Norm, Rob, someone who really likes his anonymous stature (but is anything than), myself, and eventually Dial-Tone, meet up with our host about 8pm. Did the usuall "hey how ya" stuff and geared up. First impressions where that it was kinda cool. Have not done any CQB in a while. Last time was at the Pickle Factory. Hmm, I see a common theme here. The Factory is one building, divided in two, with 4 entrances and stock shelving. The outside was basically a yard (for those that have worked at a factory or any place with trucks you know what this is. For those that dont know, it is just a parking lot). Had a couple of trucks, some storage containers, and various odds and ends of stock for the factory. Racks running along the east and north ends of the yard for storage. This was by no means a big place.  

 The aforementioned and one of the host sided up. We played about 5 or 6 games. All lasting a set 15 mins. It's CQB and not a field game, so anything beyond this might have not been any good. All games where your cookie cutter type elimination with a twist. Nothing major, just boundries and rules. For instance, you could only use the center two isles, are once you entered the warehouse you could not exit. The action was fast and violent. Most of the fighting was done within the confines of the warehouse. Most of it being with in 15ft. Several times you could hear people yell out "D**n that was close!" or the ever popular "F**k!". Rushing into the warehouse was a, well, rush. Had to be quick and decisive. One false move and you got lit up with hundreds of bb's. Never really knowing what was around the corner. It would be fair to say the guy I surrendered at point blank range when I popped around the corner would have to agree with this. I dont remember finger hits hurting that much, and I'm sure that my fellow team mates dont either. We all have the marks of a CQB firefight. Little red blood blisters and welts all over us.

 All in all it was a fun night. Sure to be repeated. But I do prefer the dirt to cement. But it is a nice change of pace and Urban CQB is fun. Keep those fingers in close.



 Quarry: The return of Pat. But not his boots or a charged battery. After a short absence from the games due to a change of address, it seems that ol' Pat has gotten his affairs in order except the most important, AIRSOFT. On to the AAR. Mr. Fred, Dial-Tone (Pat), and The Wop showed for roll call. Got a late start, like usual. But that was ok as we did not miss any action. Roughly 50 or so people showed, including the Roughnecks, HAGIBIS, Section 8, and others of unknown affiliation. 

 Three games were played. The first and second were the same, we just switched sides. So the first went something like this. Defend the bridge. Green, that would be us, went to our phase line. Everyone was just standing around. When the game started, everyone was still standing around. Finally the FNG's were told to take point. Gotta love cherries. The rest of us started to move out. Combat ensued shortly there after. While the rest of the Greens moved on the flanks, the Bastards and a few others went center, and did what they do best. Since the flanks seemed to stall out in their advance we pushed hard center, and the rest followed suit. After about 20 mins the game ended with the Greens preventing Deserts from blowing the bridge. During this game is when Pats uncharged battery decided to reveal itself and died in the heat of battle.

 The next game was a reversal which pretty much went the same way. Nothing of interest.

 The last game was a capture the flag game. It was regen with a little twist. If your flag was captured, which was also your regen point, it became an elimination game from there on. With the bridge being the center of the field that is were the shootin took place. Start of game, everybody ran. Except a few who new better. After gettin hit and regening we surveyed the SIT, we decided to move through the brush on the right handside. Desert had our guys pinned down with withering fire form good cover. So quietly and slowly we moved up, while others keep Dessert busy on the road. Positioned ourselves and observed. We took out targets as they presented themselves. I was speaking to one fella who was standing up next to me. I told him to be careful as there was a guy with a hot gun keepin heads down. When all of the sudden he gets lit up by said hot gun. Saw like 10 bb's bounce off this guy. I was thinking, damn that guy got wasted just like in a movie. So we managed to push the Deserts back to the other side of the bridge. Pretty much because of the type of game this was it just became a bb slinging contest. And it stalled out at the bridge for both sides. People decided that was it for the day and began to police their gear and leave. All in all it was a good game got alot of pix and had some fun. 



  Woodcrest: In attendance Mr. Fred, The Joo, and The Wop. Late starting game. The Joo and I got there about 9:30, no one there except a FBL of paintballers, in both staging areas. First we hung around the normal staging are for others to show. After waiting awhile we decided to drive to the other staging to see if there was anyone there. On the way we hooked up with Fred coming in. So we drove around looking for others. I think that I had more fun doin some off roading then playing today, had to test the new tires. Anyhow meant up with Ben of the Roughnecks and three others, names unknown. Decided to stage to the west of the normal area. Picked up one more player, a cherry by the name Kyle. Only played two games, was kinda hot and none of us were really feeling it today.



 Woodcrest. The "other" night game. Well, lets see. Arrived a little before 7, couldn't find the alternate staging area (never been to that staging area before, and since it was dark couldn't see nuttin') Drove into the field looking for lights or peolpe in the general direction of the alternate staging area, saw neither. Proceeded to the regular staging area, in route meet some other unfortunate souls on the same quest. They convoyed with us and we meet up with 7 others that could also not find the alternate staging area. Sent Scott and another fella in the direction of the alternate staging area to see if they could make contact. They returned with no results. So thinking that everybody went to Khost in the morning, we set about our own game. Played a couple of hunt 'em down games. Ah I miss the once a month night games that we used to have at Fields of Fury back in the day. Decided to pack it up and leave. And on the way out, saw all of the Roughnecks leaving at the same time. Anyhow, even though we couldn't find them thar guys we had a good time at the night game.

 So a little game detail. It's been awhile since the Bastards have played a night game, but we still got it. Finding people in the dark is hard in itself. What you need to do it capitalize on their mistakes. The first game. We started looking for the snipers, 3 of them. With in seconds of the start we made contact. The sniper having been behind us opened fire and failed to take us all out. One of the first things a sniper learns, shoot and move. Well he learned the shoot part but not the move part. Having a good idea of where he was at, I grabed a flashlight and with everyone gathered around me devised a plan. A simple one. I would make a run for some bushes, when I lit up the area of the sniper they were to rush in. About half way through my run I lit up the area. They moved in. I was taking fire from the sniper, but he never came close because he was firing at the light. Which was not held in front of me for obvious reasons. One of my guys go close to him yelling out "Where is he?". "To your right!", I yelled. Then he was takin out. The rest of my squad did not move up. So I took a shoot in the dark, pun intended, and took off the top of his head. Just as a side note. After the game was done that sniper said "...and the guy with the light was scared..." Little did he know. The plan worked great. The second and third snipers' were still out there. By now the other 5 or 6 guys that went looking for them had been takin out. So it was up to us. We started scanning the area, moving slowly. The second sniper made a mistake. Shined his light. I lit up the area with mine, charged in firing. Everyone was yelling "Where are you shooting?" So I lit the area so that they could see. Everyone opened up. And with a little manuvering the sniper was eliminated. He had no chance. Right after that sniper was eliminated one of ours was hit. So after finding out where he was at when he got hit, we knew the last snipers genaral location. Funny thing is that none of these sniprs moved after shooting. You gotta if your snipping, anyways. We moved in and he was right where he was suppose to be. He did manage to take 3 of us out but was got by the last one of ours. A second game was played but I was not in it and have no details of the actions involved. Oh how I love the night.



 Battlecreek. There was a boat load of people there. About 50 or so. HAS, seeming to be the biggest team in attendance. For the Bastards, Fred, Dial-Tone and the Wop. It was a very hot day, with the game ending earlier than planned. As most left early due to the heat. The Roughnecks also had their try outs for the sniper team. With only three showing and only two passing day one. There will be another day for day one, for all those that did not make it to this try out. The game it self was fairly good. As HAS seemed to rule the field. After being the only one left on my squad, having a large number of HAS to the front of me and a large number of Roughnecks to the rear of me, I bunkered down for  what I knew was going to happen. After taking a couple HAS out I took one to the head and left, as the fight beween the two groups got vicious. Played one quick game with GP. We were taem X and they were team X. Team X started at X and Team X went over to X to start. Team X eliminated team X and that was the end of the day for the us. Did see alot of new faces. At least to me. Hope that the next time we play here that these faces will return with more and that the teams can be much bigger, as Battlecreek is a huge field and would be great for a 50 on 50 type game.



 Khost. About 40 or so people showed today for the game. It wasnt to hot. Had a about four quick games to start off. More for the benifit of the Roughnecks, so they could practice some tactics. In attendence for the Bastards were Fred, Smokey, the Joo and the Wop. Dial-Tone was unable to attend. We played a two part scenario game. A journalist was captured by Deserts and had to be recoverd by Woodlands. Not really much to talk about, since the fire fights weren't to heavy. Maybe the best part of the day was the fly over of the 4 or 5 fighter jets (unsure what kind or branch) and the USAF spotter plane that buzzed the field 3 times.



 No game for the Bastards.



 I know big gap between dates. Haven't been able to update the site for awhile. But now that will change. I will update as often as I can.


11/10/03 Woodcrest

 Had a great game on Sat. Only 6 people showed up, but that did not take away from the game at all. I guess everyone one was at OP: Restore Order. Anyhow we played four games. The first was an S&D game. We used the shed field. Scott and I went to hide and waited for them to come in. We had a good ambush location set up. We only had to wait a few minutes before we had contact. I could hear them coming through the bush. Fred was the first one to come into my sights. I had to wait for a clear shot, and got him square in the chest. I could see Vince but I did not have a clear LOS on him. I watched him for about 3 minutes before he moved in to an opening between the trees and put another notch on my gun. Next Scott got Auggie when Auggie came from around the brick house. There was one more left, Brian. I told Scott that we should go and hunt him now because he was the last one. As when moved out Scott spotted him and I took him out. Game over.

 The next game was speedball. Not much to say here. Speedball is speedball.

 The next 3 games where the same as the first. But we gave everyone the chance to hunt and be hunted. This time it was Fred and Vinces turn to be hunted. We let them stew a bit before we moved in. We circumnavigated the field hoping to catch them on the back side near the stream. As we made our way around and to the shed we still had no contact with them. Scott then decided to take the point. He suggested that we move to the brick house. As we moved in all was clear until we got right next to the brick house. I saw Vince and I moved. Scott got taken out. I returned fire on Vince, and Fred opened up. Auggie and Brian where using the house as cover and returning fire. Fred was doing the old shoot and scoot. I Told Auggie to flank left Brian to hold and I would go right. I made my way to the trail and was taken out by Vince. Auggie and Brian where left alone. From the side lines all we saw was Fred and Vince moving back and forth through the brush. Finally they moved in closer and eliminated the remaining two.

 The last game we hunted Auggie and Brian. We moved down into the ravine via the trail on top that comes from the speedball area. Scott was point, Fred was next, me, than Vince. As we moved up the hill we took fire. I was taken out right away. Scott and Fred were not seen and had taken cover. Vince fell back to take cover. Scott and Fred opened up on the two and flushed them out and got them. They had a good spot right on the top of the hill with the sun behind them. Even if we had looked right at them we would have never seen them. It was a good day to die.



11/03/03 Woodcrest

 Chilly, cloudy and a little rainy. A perfect day for airsoft. We played at Woodcrest, turn out was low but good. The first scenario we played was a search and rescue. As we had to locate the extraction zone, secure it and then locate the two hostage scientist. This game encompassed all areas of Woodcrest. About 20 minutes into the game it started to rain. Nothing heavy but just enough to add to it. After securing the extraction zone we proceeded to look for the hostages, which took about an hour. We never found them as the OPFOR was able to evade us and move the hostages at will. Its hard to play the whole of Woodcrest with a small turn out and find anything.

 The next game was more of a force on force. But with one twist, if you were shot you became wounded, and you had to yell wounded instead of the usual hit, and stay put. Then your team mates had to get to you and physically touch you and bring you to the rear out of danger for you to be able to get back in. If the other team got to you first then they could take you prisoner. When you are taken prisoner they must secure your weapons by touching them and saying gun secured, knife secured, etc. If by chance they missed one of your weapons then you could use it on them and escape. Or you could wait for the right time and make a run for it. So that being, we started. Objective, secure the shed. We made our way in via the trail that runs from the parking area to the stream in back. Then we went up the hill and into the bush. From there we split up into smaller groups. And took two prisoners immediately. As we worked our way through he back of the field we split up again to attack from all sides. Myself and a newbie went the long way. We came to the area with the laid down bamboo and could here the OPFOR talking. At the same time Scott and the others made more of a frontal attack from the brick house.

The Newbie with me moved up to close and was taken prisoner. I decided to back door them. As I got into position I took some fire but it was never close. I displaced and watched as they sent a guy into find me. By this time Scott and the rest were moving in on the shed. Being very quite. And exchanging fire as they got closer. As I moved for cover I had an OPFOR move into my sights. But at the time I thought that he was on my side not knowing that they had switched sides at the beginning of the game. So when the first one came into my view I didnt shoot I just acknowledged him. Then the next guy shot me and I was taken prisoner. My weapons secured except my knife, and moved to the shed. The other squad was still creeping in on the shed and was doing a good job at it. When I got to the shed I was searched again and this time they found my knife. Damn. I got a break and made a run for it. They didnt even notice that Id run. But I ran right into two of them and took two bbs to the face ouch. Drew some blood. Then of course I was taken prisoner again. Two of my team mates soon joined me and I was already looking to escape again. Scott made his move on the shed. Taking six prisoners himself. But the game ended when tempers flared because a newbie shot some other newbie at close range. But all is good now and smoothed out.