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Foxtrot Bravo The Fighting Bastards

Bastards Profiles *


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Core team members

Name: Tony
Call sign: WhiskeyOctoberPeter (Wop)
Primary Weapon: M16a1vn
Backup Weapons: M4, Car-15, Ak-47, BetaSpetz, Mp5SDA4, Mp5A4, M4 tactical

Other Weapons: Berreta M92f, numerous grenades

Gear: Vietnam era ILCE, 2 mag pouches, 2 canteens, butt pack, M7 bayonet,

machete, first aid/compass pouch. Chest rig for L85, South African assualt vest, Chi-com Ak chest rig, Original Russian Ak Y harness w/belt and 2 AK mag pouches, Tac vest, Molle hydration pack, M1 "steel pot" helmet, East German helmet, OD, Woodland, Jungle Tigerstripe, desert DPM (top)

Operation(s): Khandahar Karnage, Minor Threat, Whiplash I, II, The Nam' 4, Iron Dragon 

Name: Scott
Call sign: JulietOctoberOctober (Joo)
Primary Weapon: M16a1vn
Backup Weapons: M4(x2), Ak-47, BetaSpetz

Other Weapons:

Gear: Vietnam era ILCE, 2 mag pouches, 1 canteen, M7 bayonet, butt pack, Tac vest, 6 color desert, Jungle Tigerstripe 
Operation(s):  Iron Angel, Lost Indians (Reality airsoft), Whiplash I, II, The Nam' 4, Iron Dragon

Name: Fred
Call sign: Mr.Fred 
Primary Weapon: M16A1
Backup Weapons: To many to list

Other Weapons:

Gear: To much Vietnam gear to list 
Operation(s): Iron Angel (support crew), 3N1 tournament, Khandahar Karnage, Whiplash I, II, The Nam 3, 4, Iron Dragon 

Name: Pat
Call sign: Dial-Tone 
Primary Weapon: XM177
Backup Weapons: M16A1 

Other Weapons: AK47-S, M653, M16VN, Sawed off Remington CA870

Gear: To much Vietnam gear to list 
Operation(s): Iron Angel (support crew), 3N1 tournament (support crew), Whiplash I, II, The Nam' 4, Iron Dragon

Name: Vince 
Call sign: Smokey
Primary Weapon: M60 E3 Shorty
Backup Weapons: More M60's

Other Weapons: To many to list

Gear: To much Vietnam gear to list 
Operation(s): Whiplash I, II, Iron Dragon 

Name: Kurt 
Call sign: Lincloe
Primary Weapon: SR-16
Backup Weapons: M60 Seals version

Other Weapons:

Gear: Standard Nam load out

Name: Bo 
Call sign:
Primary Weapon: G3
Backup Weapons:

Other Weapons:

Gear: Acquiring standard Nam load out

Non-Active Team Members

* Some information in these profiles may be exaggerated.